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The record in the end risults very homogeneous and very enjoyable to the listener, and it is different from anything else in Rock Progressivo Italiano: Still some of Fossati's most complex executions appear in this track. Studio Album, 1972 3. Apparently the seeds of this release were born when someone in 99 sent a bootleg recording of a concert dating from 73, this prompting the band to exploit it along with creating this DVD. They're doing it in original way, which even doesn't instantly mean interesting, still is nice to hear.

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Having changed their name to a more Italian sounding name Garybaldi being some hero of the late XIXth century in Liguria and neighbouring French Provencethey proceeded to record two further album with the same heavily slanted Hendrix influences even if the keyboards are also a good part of the sound. The true prog feel has never been as deep than during this epic, and the usual and great "Hendrix" feel enters the scene somewhere at half-time. The group ended its activities in the mid-seventies after tramite link series of lineup changes and a change in name, but emerged in the 2000s like many minor prog groups in the Boot Peninsula. The theme ends 19 minutes in as we get some laid back organ with bass to the end. Review by Mellotron Storm Prog Reviewer. Indeed, over the four decades of the "group's" existence, their peak period lasted two, maybe three, years, the rest being only mildly interesting at best, although not totally devoid of .

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Taking unusual way with their very Heavy sound often in Maya Desnudawhich isn't exactly my favourite I don't like theme of the song, even using more "classical" RPI elements in songs 26 Febbraio 1700. Side 2 of the original vinyl album is the more satisfying, being the more progressive and comprising of one piece divided into three parts. Fragile vocals before a minute. Still some of Fossati's most complex executions appear in this track. Three stars for this good album. This one starts with a more keyboards approach l'indirizzo deep psychedelic texture.

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Un lettore ci segnala che questo video è senza tagli, non come visto al cinema. gli anni passano e Micaela Ramazzotti è la splendida e.

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Kubrick parlò di come le storie di fantasmi fossero ottimiste perché Rosemary's Baby e L'esorcista per metterli nel giusto stato d'animo.

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